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Ensure the Safety of Your Property in The Villages, Sumter, Lake, Marion and Citrus And Surrounding Counties.

Bring in a certified home inspector to check it out thoroughly

Whether you're buying a new home or are overdue for your annual home inspection, J&P Home Inspection of The Villages and Tavares FL can help. Our inspectors will test and review all structural components and essential systems at your home to give you an accurate idea of its condition. You'll receive a customized report of our findings, and recommendations for any areas found to be in need of repair.

We'll provide a four-point inspection that focuses on your main areas of interest. From electrical wiring and HVAC to plumbing and roofing, our team will thoroughly examine your systems and be on the lookout for any signs of trouble. Get started by calling J&P Home Inspection.

Expect the best for your home inspection

Your safety and that of your loved ones is at stake when you choose a home inspection company. Don't leave the work in the hands of an amateur-trust the professionals at J&P Home Inspection in The Villages, Florida. Our team offers a range of inspection services, including:

Whole home inspections
• Termite inspections performed by a licensed contractor
• HVAC inspections
• Plumbing inspections
• Home watch
• Electrical inspections
Wind mitigation inspections
Roof inspections

We can handle all of these and more. Learn more about our services by reaching out to J&P Home Inspection today.


J&P Home Inspection offers monthly specials so our loyal customers can save even more on their home inspection service. Termite inspections performed by a licensed contractor and Home watch in The Villages.Click or call to learn more.

Pre-Owned Home Inspections

Are you preparing to move into a pre-owned home? Be sure it's up to code by having the experts at J&P Home Inspection complete a 1,400-point inspection.

Termite Inspections

Termite Inspections

Performed by a licensed contractor

In addition to home inspections in The Villages, Florida, we also offer termite inspection services performed by a licensed contractor. Let J&P Home Inspection handle all of your home inspection needs.

Choose a home inspector with construction experience in The Villages, Florida

The owner of J&P Home Inspection worked in the construction industry for more than 20 years, giving our team insight into the home building process. We have a thorough understanding of the structural components of your home, thanks to our unique experience. We'll provide a comprehensive inspection report detailing the components of your home, complete with photos describing the condition of your systems. You'll be able to rest easy knowing that your home inspection is completed by a technician with extensive knowledge of the construction process.

We'll be able to spot any potential trouble spots in no time, and alert you to them before they get worse. Get the ball rolling on your home inspection by contacting J&P Home Inspection today!

InterNACHI association of Certified Home Inspectors # NACHI13012205 and the Florida Home Inspection Associaton, License # H17696.