Save on Homeowners Insurance in The Villages, Florida

Save on Homeowners Insurance in The Villages, Florida

Let J&P complete a wind mitigation home inspection

Wind mitigation inspections assess the preparedness of your property in The Villages for resisting the effects of wind damage from hurricanes and storms. J&P Home Inspection performs these inspections to minimize your risk of loss or damage in the event of a natural disaster.

Voluntarily completing a wind mitigation inspection could result in a major discount on your insurance premium. You could benefit in the long run by bringing in our team for a preventive inspection.

Learn more about our wind mitigation home inspection services by calling J&P Home Inspection.

Ensure your home’s safety features comply with state standards

Florida has a number of safety features that inspectors are required to look at when determining if a property is prepared for excessive wind. J&P Home Inspection is fully certified, and our knowledgeable technicians know exactly what to look for to assess compliance with these standards. We’ll examine your dwelling to determine if it meets the requirements for:

• Roof to wall attachment
• Gable end bracing
• Roof covering
• Secondary water barrier
• Opening protection

We’ll inspect all of these safety features and more to keep your property safe from disaster. Jumpstart the process by reaching out to J&P Home Inspection today!